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Single Item Moves in Honolulu, HI

A Higher Caliber Mover at an AFFORDABLE Price for Jacuzzi, Safe, and Other Single Item Moves...

Here are some explanations of our pricing. As you can see it depends a lot upon how many men are required to do that particular type of item. You tell us what you are moving and we decide how many men it takes. We have to do it this way to ensure safety. Contact us to learn more about single item moves in Honolulu, HI.

Move Jacuzzi

Price: $150.00 per hour; 3 hr minimum *

4 man job

We have special tools and equipment made just for moving jacuzzis.

We have delivered many of the 1000-lb models recently that Costco has been selling. Our workers are specially trained in moving these items.

*Access may increase manpower requirements increasing the rate

Move Piano, Sizes and Terms

Measure Grands from keyboard to farthest point of the hump. Standup pianos we need to know the height from the floor to the top of the piano. Pianos range in weight from about 300lbs to over a 1000lbs so this information is crucial to assigning the correct crew to the job.

Concert Grand - 8' 11" and larger
Half Concert Grand - 7'4"
Parlour Grand 6'8"
Drawing Room Grand - 6'4"
Professional Grand - 6'
Living Room Grand - 5'10"
Baby Grand - 5'8"
Upright - 51" and up
Vertical - 36" - 51"
Studio - 44" or taller
Console 40" to 43"
Spinet - 36" to 38"

Vertical is a general term here.

Safe Moves Over 500 lbs.

Price: $600 or $900 depending on size*

Four Man Job over 500 lbs-1000 lbs $600 flat 1st 3 hours, plus the 4 man rate if over 3 hrs work.

Six man Job 1,000 lbs-4,000 lbs= $900 flat for 1st 3 hrs. plus the 6 man rate if over 3 hrs work.

We have special equipment and liftgates on some of our trucks which can handle up to 3,000 and 4,000 lbs safes. These jobs do have a two hour minimum and this hourly rate. NO SAFES OVER 4,000LBS.

Want to buy a Safe? contact Dean's Safe

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