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Overseas Movers

We find Overseas Moves are best handled with the customer dealing with the shipper or shipping agent directly. This eliminates the lost or stolen items between two or three different shipping agents who do not answer your questions because you did not setup the shipment.

We help you setup the shipment in your own name so the shipping agent must see you as the customer. You are their customer so they tell you exactly where your container full of household goods is at all times. Hawaii Piano can then load and wrap your furniture. We do have tractors and ramps for loading and transporting containers.

This way you can know through the shipper exactly where your items are and how much it is costing you. Shipping cost constantly vary so direct contact with the shipper helps you to understand and alleviate these costs wherever possible.

You pay less this way for the shipping portion. We do have tractors to transport containers. Contact us today to learn more about our overseas movers in Honolulu, HI.

You don't have to pay outrageous rates to ship your household goods overseas.

  1. Just set up the container yourself with the shipping company of your choice.
  2. Get the booking number first then give us a call to handle the loading or unloading along with container trucking services.
  3. We can bring the container from the port to your home, pack up your stuff into it and take it back to port.
  4. Save even more by packing your own boxes and wrapping your furniture. Call us for supplies to be delivered.

Matson Navigation, Maersk, Horizon, and NYK are the most prominent shippers in Hawaii's overseas market.

Inter-island shipping is Young Bros.

Matson Navigation

Be sure to tell them that Hawaii Piano & Household Moving has tractors and port access to move your container to and from the loading locations. Pay the shipper directly and save by eliminating the middleman.

Young Bros, Inter-island shipping in Hawaii

Don't pay extra by letting someone else do the paperwork

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